Why This Podcast Exists.

Being a startup marketer is tough. Nothing can really prepare you for the journey that you will embark on when marketing for companies that in many cases have no customers, no brand to speak of, perhaps a hypothesis of a product-market fit and in many cases, are products or services that occupy a completely new niche or industry. To make life even more exciting, your objective is often to help your company achieve exponential growth in a matter of months before your company runs out of money.

Fullstack Marketing Ninja is a podcast dedicated to keeping marketers and business professionals at the top of their games. This includes best practices, strategies and tactics used by the best marketers across Asia and beyond who have gone into the breach and back – and love it.

We focus on actionable insights – things that marketers can learn and use right away in their companies right away, regardless of vertical or level.

For interview requests, advertising opportunities and business inquiries, please email us at interviews@fullstackmarketing.ninja.


Alexander Leung

I am a strategic growth marketer with experience in growing startups from Seed to Series C and at digital agencies across Asia and North America.

My current obsession involves helping startups and tech companies achieve rapid growth. I’m a firm believer that the value derived from product-market fit is the true driver of growth. A marketer’s true objective is to help companies find that fit, make it easier for customers to discover that “aha” moment and clearly communicate how great products can help make a user’s life better. The challenging, but rewarding part is using a poetic blend of data, technology, creativity and experience to accomplish this.

Outside of work, I enjoy learning about different cultures and perspectives through travel. I run a marketing podcast to help share the knowledge that comes from innovative marketers and incredibly interesting people. I also have a not-so-slight ramen obsession, enjoy performing music, actively follow developments in the gaming industry and study new languages in my spare time.

My writing and work has been featured in Tech in Asia, VentureBeat and e27 and The Hollywood Reporter, among others.

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